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PurSwab ESD Foam Pointed Tip Swab, 3", Polypropylene Shaft, 50/bag

Manufacturer Part #:
1621-PF ESD
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PurSwab Electro Static Dissipative Pointed Tip Swab

For use in Static Sensitive Environments

  • ESD safe, open cell, foam swab designed for removal of contamination from surfaces in critical environments. Non-Linting, Soft and non-abrasive.
  • Static Dissipative Polypropylene shaft. Low ionic contamination. ESD properties will not decay over time.
  • Tip Size: 10.1mm (0.43") L x 3.5mm (.14") D.
  • Overall Length: 82.8mm (3.26"), solid polypropylene shaft.
  • Packaged: 50 ESD Foam Swabs per bag, 20/bags per case = 1,000 Swabs. Made in USA.
  • Puritan ESD Foam Swab # 1621-PF ESD.

Puritan PurSwab 1621-PF ESD Anti-Static Foam Swab Technical Spec Sheet Page 1.

Puritan PurSwab 1621-PF ESD Anti-Static Foam Swab Technical Spec Sheet Page 2.

Puritan# 1621-PF ESD
Made in USA Made in USA
Pointed foam tip, ESD Safe handle. Puritan PurSwab made with small pointed foam tip and static dissipative polypropylene handle to protect your ESD sensitive parts and components from static discharge. Small, soft, and non-abrasive reticulated 100ppi foam tip is thermally welded to the anti-static shaft. No glue or binders are used to secure the tip so you don’t have to worry about chemical contamination from the swab. The small pointed foam tip is ideal for your precision cleaning tasks or applying adhesives and solvents. This foam swab can be safely used with your IPA and DI water for extra cleaning power, or dry as-is. With a high concentration of pores per inch, the foam tip is lint and residue free and has a tough yet gentle scrubbing power. Use pointed ESD foam swabs in controlled environments, electronic and medical device manufacturing, and general cleaning. Anywhere you need a foam applicator for sensitive components. Proudly made in the USA with quality materials.

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