Puritan Cary-Blair Transport Medium, 50/box

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Puritan Cary-Blair Transport Medium

Safely transport fecal specimen!

  • The Cary-Blair transport liquid suspends clinical fecal and rectal specimens until processed.
  • A good choice for collection and preservation of Enteric bacteria.
  • Vials use orange self-centering screw-caps to securely hold swabs.
  • Packaging: 50 sterile vials per box.
  • Choose from 2 ml or 5 ml Cary-Blair medium fill volume.
    • 2 ml vial size: 12 mm x 80 mm.
    • 5 ml vial size: 16 mm x 100 mm.
NOTE: Swabs are not included
Puritan# CB-200
Made in USA Made in USA

Puritan Media Transport Systems Cross-Reference Guide.

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