Puritan 7 in. Orange Sticks, Double Bevel, Double Ends

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Puritan Double Bevel, Double End Cuticle/Orange Sticks

Double Bevel Tip gets into hard to reach places.

  • Non-static generating double-beveled orange sticks are an ESD safe and versatile soldering aid.
    • Use for: general electronics manufacturing, assembly and repair of circuit boards, and as all-purpose stick for clinical, diagnostic, forensic, podiatry & manicure.
    • Use to: probe loose wires and components, position small parts, guide wires, and as a spudger.
  • Made from biodegradable Northern White Birch for high tensile strength. Strong enough to bend components leads and break bridges.
  • Precision Cut and polished, splinter-free finish will not contaminate solder and component leads.
  • Non-Sterile.
  • Size: 177.8mm (7") L x 3.962mm (.156") D.
  • Packaged:
    • P2910 - 100 Orange Sticks per box.
    • P2910-CASE - 100 Orange Sticks per box, 10 boxes per case = 1000 sticks.
  • Puritan Orange Stick Part# 2910. Made in the USA.

Used by engineers, manufacturers, parts assembly, and more.

Puritan Cuticle/Orange Sticks Technical Spec Sheet.

Puritan# 2910
Made in USAMade in USA


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