Polyester Tip

Polyester Tip

    Get Puritan Sterile Polyester Swab, Mini Tip, 6", Plastic Shaft,  1000/cs P25-1000 1PD at Harmony

    Puritan Sterile Polyester Swab, Mini Tip, 6 in., Plastic Shaft, 1000/case

    Puritan Medical Products

    Harmony Price: $309.99
    Puritan Sterile Miniature Tip Polyester Swab Individually wrapped to prevent sample contamination Polyester swabs are non-absorbent and contains no fatty acids or latent sugars, making it ideal for specimen transport, lab work, and diagnostic kits...
    P25-1000 1PD
    Harmony Price: $309.99

Polyester Tip Swabs

Sterile, polyester-tipped swabs are preferred in a wide range of scenarios, especially lab settings and specimen collection. Because they're made with medical-grade polyester and other sterile materials, they're tested and validated for use in microbiology, rapid test diagnostics and PCR analysis. These Puritan sterile swabs are wrapped and sealed for the best level of sterility and to prevent sample contamination. At Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies, you'll find the best sterile polyester swabs for your specific needs.
We have polyester-tipped applicators in a range of tip sizes and shapes. You may also choose from styles with aluminum, wood or plastic shafts. Sterile swabs can be employed in flu and strep testing, gynecological screening and industrial applications because the polyester itself is non-absorbent and contains no fatty acids or latent sugars. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is a premier resource for quality-made swabs and applicators. Our team is more than happy to help you determine which kind of swab would best suit your needs.