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Cervical Scrapers

Cervical Scrapers

    Get Puritan Ayres Style Cervical Scraper, 7", 5000/cs P2173 at Harmony

    Puritan Ayres Style Cervical Scraper, 7 in., 5000/case

    Puritan Medical Products

    Harmony Price: $189.99
      Puritan Ayres Style Cervical Scraper Smooth finish! Smooth Finish for optimum patient comfort. Made from straight grain white birch. Birch has high tensile strength with splinter free edges. Collect cervical cells from the cervix for early...
    Harmony Price: $189.99

Premium quality cervical scrapers!

  • Smooth finish for effective specimen collection and minimum patient discomfort.
  • Splinter free edges.
  • Made in USA.
Premium quality cervical scrapers! Splinter-free, smooth, and affordable wooden cervical scrapers and spatulas. Wooden Disposable Cervical Scrapers for scraping and collection of cervical cells for pap smears. Improve the reputation of your healthcare facility by providing reliable medical procedures and high patient comfort. Cervical Scrapers and more made to improve the quality of your clinical procedures. Check out the following products to the style that suits your application:
Use Ayres style sterile and non-sterile Wood Cervical Scrapers for specimen collection in pap smear testing. Collect cytological specimens from the cervix for early diagnosis of cervical cancer. Compliant with FDA's good manufacturing practices. Our disposable Cervical Scrapers have splinter-free edges and a smooth finish for patient comfort. Ayres Spatulas allow clinicians to use either the ayres tip or modified elongated tip. Providing cell samples from both endocervix and cervix in one step.
Ayres Spatula or Wooden Cervical Scrapers are efficient, cheap devices for cytology cell collection for pap smears. They are also useful when followed with cytology brushes for extra cell collection.
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