OB/GYN & Proctoscopic

OB/GYN & Proctoscopic

    Get Puritan Sterile Histobrush, 7", 1000/cs P25-2199 at Harmony

    Puritan Sterile Histobrush, 7 in., 1000/case

    Puritan Medical Products

    Harmony Price: $459.99
      Puritan 7" Sterile Histobrush Cytology Collection Brush Soft nylon bristles, minimize discomfort! Perform cervical specimen collection for chlamydia, histological examination, pap smear tests or buccal cell collection. Class II FDA...
    Harmony Price: $459.99

OB/GYN & Proctoscopic Swabs

Sterile large oversized tipped swabs ideal for gynecologic preparation and examination, and proctoscopic uses. Safe, highly absorbent, uniform, and lint & latex-free. OBGYN Swabs are available in cotton or rayon. We also offer quality medical cervical scrapers and cytology brushes and collection devices.

Save on the highest quality OB-GYN Swabs for your healthcare facility Browse our broad range of OB Swabs ideal for gathering specimen during OB-GYN examination procedures, laboratory cell research, and proctoscopy exams. When it comes to accurate specimen collection, Puritan Sterile Cotton Swabs deliver stellar results. Browse through the following list to find the most appropriate specimen collection for your facility:
Extra absorbent, jumbo tip Cotton Swabs are ideal for cleaning large areas and cell collection. Sterile OB-GYN Swabs have an oversized tip and rolled paper shaft designed specifically for gynecological preparations and examination procedures. Jumbo tip Rayon swabs are also available in various handle lengths. We also offer cervical scrapers that offer a smooth finish and high level of patient comfort. Choose from multiple styles including, Ayres, Lerner and Medical Packaging. All made in the USA with splinter free edges.

For cytology collection and endocervical cell collection there are many options available. The Rovers Cervex Brush is a FDA certified as a clinical sampling tool for cell collection and early detection of cervical cancer. The shape follows the contours of the cervix minimizing patient discomfort.

You cannot compromise the quality of specimen and examination procedures. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is here to help with all kinds of FDA approved medical swabs and other media transport systems. Whether you are looking for Large Cotton Swab Applicators or OB Swabs, you will get attractive discounts and quick delivery. Our experts are always ready to help if you are unable to find your desired product. So, don't hesitate to call and get free assistance.
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