Universal Transport

Universal Transport

    Get Puritan UniTranz-RT, 3 ml, 2 Polyester Swabs, 300/cs 2 PUT-366 at Harmony

    Puritan UniTranz-RT, 3ml, 2 Polyester Swabs, 300/case

    Puritan Medical Products

    Harmony Price: $699.99
        Unitranz-RT 3 ml Transport System Safely transport samples! The universal transport liquid suspends the cells until processed. A good choice for collection and preservation of Virus, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. 2 sterile...
    Harmony Price: $699.99

Universal Transport Medium Vials and Swabs

Preserve your cell samples in Puritan universal transport medium vials from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Puritan's vials contain a universal transport liquid that suspends the cells until they are processed at the lab. Collect and preserve virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma and other specimens. Each vial contains 1 milliliter of the universal transport medium. Red self-centering caps inside the vials securely hold the swabs inside the transport tube. The cap is leak-proof, and it's designed to allow easy removal of samples for testing.
We offer discounted prices on vials with or without sterile swabs included. Order by the 50-vial box or 300-count case. We carry this universal transport medium system with swabs included. Those swabs include swabs with mini tips, elongated tips, ultrafine tips, polyester and Puritan's high-absorbency PurFlock flocked swabs. The Unitranz-RT 3 ml transport system includes two swabs for each vial. The universal transport medium fill volume is 3 milliliters for each Unitranz-RT two-swab vial. Most orders are filled fast to ship out the next business day.