Wood Shaft

Wood Shaft

    Get Chemtronics Foamtips™ Swab, Wood Shaft, 50/bag XCF50 at Harmony

    Chemtronics Foamtips™ Swab, Wood Shaft, 50/bag


    Harmony Price: $26.99
      Chemtronics Foamtips™ Swab, Wood Shaft Lint Free and Non-Abrasive Foamtips™ swabs are made from medical grade open cell polyurethane foam with 100 ppi (pores per square inch). Shred resistant to stand up to the toughest...
    Harmony Price: $26.99

Foam Swabs with Wood Shafts

Buy shred-resistant foam-tipped swabs with sturdy wood shafts by Puritan or Chemtronics Foamtips™ swabs at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. We discount prices on every lint-free foam swab. Save more when you buy by these non-abrasive swabs by the case. Foam swabs by Chemtronics and Puritan have tips made with medical-grade polyurethane foam. The rigid wood staffs are biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly. The 100 pores per square inch ensure superior absorbency, which is why they're popular for cleaning work surfaces and individual equipment components.
Choose the right foam tip shape to meet your specific needs. Puritan's foam-tipped applicators and Chemtronics Foamtips™ swabs are made without binders or adhesives that could contaminate your specimens or sensitive cleaning surfaces. Foam-tip swabs are often used with ionized water and isopropyl alcohol for cleaning uses. Because there is no fiber in the foam, the swabs won't leave new fibers behind. Among the many styles of foam-tipped swabs at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies are foam covered cotton tipped swabs and wrapped foam swabs with tapered wood handles and a pointed tip for loosening adhesives.