Nylon Shaft

Nylon Shaft

    Get Chemtronics FlexTip Foam Swab, Nylon Shaft, 50/bag XCX50 at Harmony

    Chemtronics FlexTip Foam Swab, Nylon Shaft, 50/bag


    Harmony Price: $34.99
      Chemtronics FlexTip Foam Swab Clean accurately with flexible head design! Highly flexible, general purpose foam swab for cleaning sensitive surfaces and recessed areas and applying precise quantities of adhesives and lubricants. Foam tip...
    Harmony Price: $34.99

Nylon Shaft Swabs

Dependable, Effective, and Affordable Puritan and Chemtronics foam-tipped applicator swabs at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. We discount prices on every top brand, and offer deeper discounts for large orders. American-made Puritan swabs with medical-grade foam tips and nylon shafts are lint-free and non-abrasive. There are no adhesives or binders on Puritan's polyurethane foam swabs that could contaminate when cleaning. Choose from several sizes that are ideal for cleaning fiber optics. The glass-filled nylon handles are tough and non-bending for precision, stable targeting of the swab tip.
We carry Chemtronics Flextip foam swabs designed for precise cleaning projects. These shred-resistant flexible foam tip swabs with nylon shafts by Chemtronics are ideal for cleaning recessed areas and also for applying adhesives and lubricants with precision. Thermal-bond construction means no contaminating adhesives or binders. The superior quality of these Chemtronics foam-tip swabs makes them a popular choice for electronics cleaning, removing flux residues, cleaning micro-mechanical devices, home crafts and personal collectibles, too. We discount prices on dozens of styles of swabs for medical, home, research, business and manufacturing uses.