Cotton Transport Swabs

Cotton Transport Swabs

    Get Puritan Sterile Cotton Swab with Cap-Shure, Wood Shaft 25-806-1WC-EC at Harmony

    Puritan Sterile Cotton Swab with Cap-Shure, Wood Shaft

    Puritan Medical Products

    Harmony Price: $39.99
      Puritan Cap-Shure Sterile Cotton Swabs Tip Protector and Swab in one Sterile Package Aerated Tip protector slides on the shaft and keeps the tip suspended away from the sides. Lays flat to air dry. Designed for DNA and evidence collection...
    Harmony Price: $39.99

Cotton Swabs with Dry Transport Tubes

Secure your clinic or lab specimens with Puritan cotton dry transport swabs at discount prices for all applications from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Choose the cotton tip size you want and select a sturdy wood or plastic shaft. Each swab is available with an aerated swab tip protector cap or transport tube crafted of virgin resin to create a sterile environment for your specimen. USP-grade swabs with tubes include labels to identify the contents. Puritan swabs are made in the U.S. for superior quality and consistency.
Puritan Cap-Shure sterile cotton swabs with aerated tip protectors and DNA-free forensic swabs are designed for collecting DNA or evidence samples. The tip protector suspends the cotton swab's tip to prevent it from touching the side of the swab cap. The aerated tip protector facilitates the drying of the collected sample. A good choice for cotton swabs in microbiology. Each sterile 6" cotton tipped applicator is individually wrapped. Puritan's sterile cotton swabs with transport tubes (one swab per tube) include label stoppers at the opposite end of the cotton tips to label the contents. The rigid shafts make it easier to precisely aim the tip when collecting specimens.