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6" Cotton Swabs

6" Cotton Swabs

    Get Puritan Regular Tip Cotton Swab, 6" Anti-Static Poly Shaft, 10000/cs P860-PPC at Harmony Puritan Regular Tip Cotton Swab, 6 in. Anti-Static Poly Shaft, 10,000/case

    Puritan Regular Tip Cotton Swab, 6 in. Anti-Static Poly Shaft, 10,000/case

    Puritan Medical Products

    Harmony Price: $224.99
    Puritan Cotton Swab Soft, non-abrasive Highly absorbent cotton swab, made from USP (U.S.Pharma) grade cotton fiber to ensure consistency of the tip, soft non-abrasive. Seamless cotton swab, no exposed edges. Compatible with most solvents/chemicals...
    Harmony Price: $224.99

6 inch Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs (cotton tipped applicators) are a good choice for any application where you prefer a natural, highly absorbent tip. The material offers excellent cushioning and heat resistance but is naturally soft, making it a good pick for everything from static-sensitive environments and cleanrooms to medical applications.
Our selection of 6-inch long cotton swabs includes styles that are longer than the standard cotton swab, which makes them ideal for exam applications, applying medications or cleaning crevices. We also offer a variety of 6-inch sterile cotton swabs for your sterile/medical needs, as well as low-lint cotton swabs and glue-free swabs for sensitive cleaning tasks.
Puritan's large tip cotton swab applicators are made from pharmaceutical-grade cotton fiber grown in the U.S. to ensure consistency and quality. You may order these swabs with various different tip options, including: mini, small, regular, large, extra-large, and jumbo. They also come with either a wood or anti-static poly shaft, depending on your preferences. The wood shaft styles are best for applications where you don't want much flexibility, while poly shafts can be useful in applications where a little bit of give is desired.