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Anti Static & ESD Swabs

Anti Static & ESD Swabs

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Anti-Static and ESD Swabs

Safe for working with static-sensitive components.

Looking for anti-static cleaning swabs? Electronics and other sensitive devices should only be cleaned with ESD, anti-static swabs in order to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) and static buildup. These high-quality ESD swabs are made with special anti-static handles and have unique tips - including tips made of ESD conductive foam, polyester, cotton and non-woven materials - that are preferred for their anti-static attributes. Use them for all kinds of jobs where you need to mitigate electrostatic discharge.
Anti Static swabs will not generate a charge and also won’t dissipate a charge.
ESD swabs are a type of antistatic swab that minimizes risk of static electricity damage by providing a way for charges to ground.
Either of the materials can be used to control ESD based on the application and requirements.
Harmony Business Supplies offers several unique types of anti-static swabs. Choose from various tip shapes and sizes to suit your unique applications. For example, you can choose anti-static pointed swabs for precision cleaning or round-tipped swabs for sampling and validation. We offer economical ESD-safe swabs made by top brands such as Puritan and TekniSwab in a wide range of quantities to suit your needs and budget. Some of our ESD swab cases ship for free to help you save even more.