Vented ESD Shoe with 2 Meg Resister, Black, 1/pair

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  • Get Vented ESD Shoe with 2Meg Resister, Black EESD-SHOE-BVP at Harmony
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Harmony Price: $54.99

Out of stock

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About this Product

Estashoe ESD Safety Clog with 2 MegOhm Resistor, Black, Vented

Increase Grounding Reliability and Reduce Worker Frustration!

  • ESD shoes ground operators without fuss - no ribbons to keep in, no straps to adjust - and provide full contact with ESD flooring.
  • Shoes are vented and use a lightweight and comfortable EVA sole for long-term comfort.
    • Please note: Vented shoes are not cleanroom-compliant. Please use non-vented version.
  • Durable shoes reduce replacement costs compared to heel grounders.
  • ESD shoes with ESD Symbol are easy to spot in the work area.
  • 2 MegOhm resistor. Conductive material meets ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 and ANSI/ED STM 9.1-2014 standards.
  • Water repellent and bacteria/fungi inhibiting. Cleans easily with cloth, soap, and water.
  • Sold by the pair.
  • Color: Black
  • Available in sizes US 5 to 13.5. [The strip in the back will reduce the size by half a number.]
    • These shoes run large and we recommend going down a size.
    • Please note: the provided shoe size chart is a general guideline. Shoe sizes vary from brand to brand and feet sizes from day to night.
    • Please note: shoes are stamped with next Men's full size up. E.g. Men's size 6.5 (Women's size 8) will be stamped with #7.
    • Please try on shoes before contacting us about sizing. If your shoes do not fit, please understand that we can only accept returns for unused shoes.
  • For use in conjunction with ESD flooring and matting. Can be used in cleanrooms.


  • Any manufacturing or handling of ESD sensitive devices such as microelectronics, semiconductors, circuit boards, sensors, and hard drives.

ESD Shoe Data Sheet

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