Static Control

Static Control

    Suzuki ESD Static Dissipative 4 mil Black Latex Finger Cots, 720/bag | Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies

    Suzuki ESD Static Dissipative 4 mil Black Latex Finger Cots, 720/bag


    Harmony Price: $19.99
    Suzuki ESD Safe Static Dissipative 4 Mil Black Latex Finger Cots, Powder Free, Rolled Prevent damage to ESD-sensitive electronic components. Chlorinated, washed, and powder free. Rolled finger cots are easy and fast to put on. For use with class 1...
    Harmony Price: $19.99

Static Control Products

ESD-Safe Clothing for Critical Environments 

Sensitive electronic components need protection from ESD and from the natural contaminants found on an operator’s hands. ESD Gloves, used in conjunction with other anti-static procedures and devices, help minimize the amount of static electricity and particulates in the work environment. They also provide increased grip for handling small components. And extra protection for handling sharp components.Anti-static finger cots offer greater dexterity over gloves. They can be used for handling Class II static sensitive devices. A broader range of esd safe clothing is available for researchers, students, hobbyists, cleanrooms.

ESD Lab Coats cage charges to the inside of the coat and then dissipate them when grounded. Minimize particle generation with anti-static lab coats minimize particle generation of electrostatic charges. When coming into contact with electronic components, esd safe finger cots can substitute for full fingered gloves. And, finger cots are more easily stowed in your knit cuff lab coat. People are the most common source of electrostatic discharge and can generate static electricity from simply walking across flooring. Keep your electronics manufacturing facilities safe from static build-up by wearing cleanroom-safe apparel. For semi-conductor and electrical component manufacturing, shielding components from static goes beyond manufacturing and includes safe delivery to your customers. Use Static Shielding Bags to prevent discharge-based damage when shipping electronic components such as processors, motherboards, etc. Transport electronic components with hazard-free transportation. Read more about static discharge here.

Does your critical environment need ESD Swabs?

Looking for anti-static cleaning swabs? ESD swabs are made with special anti-static handles and have unique tips - including tips made of ESD conductive foam, polyester, cotton and non-woven materials - that are preferred for their anti-static attributes. Clean your equipment while controlling electrostatic buildup with ESD clean room wipes. These ESD (electrostatic discharge) polyester knit fabric lab wipes are used to clean sensitive lab equipment. Use wherever the control of electrostatic buildup is essential.

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