Specialty Wipes

Specialty Wipes

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    Celeste Sani-Com Wipes, 1 Opened Packet

    Sani-Com Cleaning Towelette


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    Sani-Com® Wipes Kills 99.999% of bacteria Single-Use. Individually wrapped and sealed presaturated cleaning towelette. Multi-Purpose. Use as a hand sanitizer and on Telecommunication, Respiratory and Other Equipment. Antimicrobial. Kills 99.999...
    Ships within 1-2 Business Days
    Active Ingredient:
    0.1% Benzalkonium Chloride
    Country of Origin:
    Wipe Size:
    5.5" x 8"
    Packet Size:
    2" x 3"
    Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area
    Shelf Life:
    36 months from date of manufacture
    Now: $17.99
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    Now: $17.99
    Was: $19.99
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Presaturated Specialist Wipes

When you're working with sensitive or delicate materials, you know that not any old wipe will do. That's why we offer a range of highly effective specialty pre-wetted wipes that are uniquely designed to thoroughly clean without damaging components and finishes. This selection includes wipes that clean optics, fiber optic connections, lenses, tape heads, respiratory equipment and other applications where you need to neutralize static. All these pre-saturated wipes have the precise amount of solution in the single-use packet to ensure fast, efficient cleaning. At Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies, you'll find optics, glass, plastic, lens, tape head, and electronic cleaning wipes by industry leaders like Bausch & Lomb, CleanTex, Chemtronics and more. Pre-saturated cleaning wipes are treated with isopropyl alcohol and other cleaning solutions to gently clean sensitive surfaces, fiber optics, electronic components, office surfaces, laboratory equipment and more. When you buy from our store, you can stock up on affordable, large quantities of pre-saturated wipes by the box so you never run out.