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Soaps & Dispensers

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  • Purell ES8 Touch-free Soap Dispenser, ADA-Compliant

    Purell ES8 Touch-free Soap Dispenser, White and Graphite options, ea


    Purell ES8 Touch-free Soap Dispenser, White and Graphite options, ea Always-ready, Touch-free and ADA compliant - Formulated to provide the optimal dose for effective hand hygiene. Refills include an integrated energy source so dispensers are...
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    10.0 x 6.5 x x 5.38 in.
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    PURELL ES8 1200 mL Healthy Soap
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Hand Soaps & Dispensers

Save on Commercial soap dispensers, dispenser soap refills, and more

Liquid soap dispensers are essential to keeping your employee's and customer's hands clean. Promote safe hand washing and reduce the spread of germs by outfitting your foodservice, retail business, or office space with a commercial hand soap dispenser. Save on hand soap dispensers in black, gray, or white to match your decor. Get Touch-free or manual Soap Dispensers with space-saving design and flexible mounting options like hardware or adhesive strips to mount to wall.

Save time and money in your public bathroom or workplace! Whether you run a hospital, assisted living, or grocery store, you'll love our soap dispensers. Get soap dispensers instead of buying a new container of soap every time you run out. Dispensers provide just the right amount of soap to prevent waste and mess. Foaming liquid soap dispensers give extra cleaning power with foaming action. Automatic Touch free soap dispensers means you don't even have to touch the dispenser to clean up your hands (perfect for kitchens and bathrooms). Less contact means fewer germs!
Save on top brands like GoJoBoardwalk, SoftSoap, Dial, and Provon. Order your medicated hand hygiene supplies, hypoallergenic hand soaps, and economical soap dispenser refills for your office or workplace at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Enjoy our low Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies prices, free shipping on select items, and personal customer service.

Touch-Free or Manual Soap Dispensers?

Touch-Free Soap Dispenser: Since the amount of soap dispensed is measured and uniform, you'll save soap, money and reduce waste. These dispensers are more sanitary with fewer contact points and had a professional, modern look to your facilities. Easy-to-use with batteries included.
Manual Soap Dispenser: One handed dispensing, easy to refill, no battery costs or upkeep.

Liquid or Foam Dispenser Soap?

Lotion soap or Liquid Soap is generally costs less and doesn't require a special pump to dispense the soap. Foam Soaps pre-lather when dispensed and require less water for rinsing - up to 10% less, which could have a significant impact on your facility's water costs. Foam hand soaps also require less maintenance, saving time and money; they don't drip or clog, and foam refills last longer - potentially twice as long - than liquid soap.