Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

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  • KleenGuard™ V90 Face Shield Safety Goggles (18629)

    KleenGuard V90 Shield Anti-Fog Safety Goggles with Face Shield, ea

    Kimberly Clark

    Kleenguard V90 Face Shield Safety Goggles, Anti-Fog Product Features Splash goggles with detachable face shield combine two products in one to provide eye and face protection without hassle. Indirect vent style goggles helps minimize fogging and...
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Safety Goggles

What are safety goggles?

Safety Goggles are a piece of personal protective equipment that protect your eyes while working with sharp objects, flying particles, debris, harmful chemicals, and liquids. Occupational hazards can make work, or life, really difficult for workers. Eye injuries often lead to lost workdays, or even worse, temporary or permanent loss of vision. Proper eye protection equipment and safety goggles are a simple and practical way to avoid these accidents.

At Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies, we are offering comprehensive eye protection solutions. Wearing durable safety glasses is mandatory for welders, construction workers, factory workers, and many other industries and professions.

Direct vent goggles or indirect vented safety goggles with clear lens are great protective tools if your job involves hazards such as heat and dust. Similarly, you can use the dielectric Crews safety goggles with clear, anti-fog lens and non-conductive PVC frame to add an extra layer of protection to your safety gear when working around electrical equipment.

How are safety goggles different from safety glasses?

Safety Goggles are not the same as regular safety glasses. It is never advisable to rely on your regular glasses while working in a hazardous environment and often enough, even safety glasses won't compare to safety goggles. Protective Goggles function by forming a tight seal around your eyes to provide all-around protection against sparks, splashes, liquid spills, and other flying particles.

Construction and metalwork are two of the professions where it is inevitable to wear reliable Eye Protection. Chemicals or other hazardous liquids can cause irreparable damage to your eyes. 3M splash goggles, for instance, are designed for advanced protection in sight and to fit over prescription eyewear, ensuring that you return home from work with your vision intact. Do not let dangerous liquids and chemicals ruin your day at work.

Where can I buy safety goggles?

You will find a collection of superior quality safety goggles that provide ample coverage to help protect workers eyes while still enabling them to see clearly and do their jobs. Anti-fog safety goggles with comfort features provide protection without impairing vision, encouraging compliance, productivity, and ultimately, safety. When impact and fog are the only safety hazards, direct vent safety goggles are comfortable and lightweight protective equipment designed for workplace applications. Direct vent goggles provide air circulation around the eyes to prevent fogging. You can also use splash goggles for applications where chemical or liquid splash is a hazard.

We ensure that you get your perfect set of safety goggles at the lowest price. Whether you work in a laboratory or chemical factory, you can select a model that perfectly matches your requirements. Place your order now at (800) 899-1255 or to know more about our products in this category!