Durashell Cap Style Bump Cap, 4 Point Pinlock Suspension, NON-ANSI, each


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Durashell Cap Style Bump Cap

Keep your head protected from bumps and scraps

  • Lightweight and ventilated high density polyethylene shell protects against small, worker-generated impacts (bumps). Great for confined spaces and low-risk workplaces.
  • 4 point pinlock system assures a snug fit. Just slide the nylon strap like you would a belt and you'll have a perfect fit.
  • Does not meet ANSI Z89.1-2014 Standards.
    • Bump caps are meant for protection from small cuts and bumps caused by wearers knocking against stationery objects. Object-generated impacts from falling or moving objects require a hard hat.
  • Choose from White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Lime Green, Orange or Gray bump caps.


  • Mechanics
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Airline Workers and Baggage Handlers
  • In-home Service Providers
  • Jobs involving movement in tight spaces.

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