Eye Wash

Eye Wash

    Get AquaGuard Gravity-Flow Portable Eyewash Station, 16 Gallon S1540B at Harmony

    AquaGuard Gravity-Flow Portable Eyewash Station, 16 Gallon Capacity, each

    Guardian Equipment

    Harmony Price: $269.99
      AquaGuard Gravity-Flow Portable Eyewash Station Self-contained for remote or low-hazard areas. Unit uses gravity to deliver approximately eight gallons (30 liters) of water for 15 minutes through dual spray heads. Gravity flow delivers...
    Harmony Price: $269.99

Sperian Eye Wash

Most of us understand how dangerous eye hazards can be. If your workers must deal with chemicals and dangerous liquids, install a reliable Eye Wash Station and other accessories at your facility. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies offers the top brands such as Sperian and Guardian, along with savings on supplies which will give your employees the care they deserve. Our solutions include portable Sperian Eye Wash, Self-Contained Eyewash Stations, and eyewash refills. People who work in manufacturing facilities or in other hazardous environments must work in close contact with chemicals and other harmful elements that can lead to eye irritation and serious injuries. It is important to provide employees with necessary protective equipment such as Emergency Eyewash Stations. When maintained and placed appropriately, Sperian Emergency Eye Wash can provide the critical time savings needed to mitigate the effects of chemical splashes and other harmful substances. Read more about Eye Wash Regulations here.