Emergency Response

Emergency Response

    Certified Safety Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

    Certified Safety Bloodborne Pathogen Kit, 10 Person, Plastic case, each

    Certified Safey

    Harmony Price: $21.99
    Certified Safety Bloodborne Pathogen Cleanup Response Kit for 10 People All the first aid supplies you need! Designed to allow for the safe and proper handling of biohazardous bloodborne pathogen incidents. Kit contains supplies to treat 10 people...
    Harmony Price: $21.99

Emergency Response Kits and Supplies 

Be always ready with Emergency Response Kits and Supplies. Equip Emergency Response Teams to rapidly act on-scene to site emergencies and incidents. When lives are at risk, time is of the essence. Ensure you have what you need in the eventual of natural disasters, random accidents, and health hazards. Keep your family, employees, colleagues, and company safe and secure with emergency response kits. Get hospital grade supplies from Harmony, having supplied goods to medical institutions for over a decade. Purell Body Fluid Spill Kits are important to have on hand if the need ever arises. Quickly and safely clean bodily fluids such as blood, vomit, and excrement without risk of disease. Emergencies don't happen everyday but when they do you should be prepared.