Safety Glass Wipes

Safety Glass Wipes

    Get Kimberly Clark Kimtech Science Lens Cleaning Station, 4/cs L34644 at Harmony

    Kimberly Clark Kimtech Science Lens Cleaning Station, 4/case


    Harmony Price: $119.99
      Kimtech Science Lens Cleaning Station Keep Glasses Clean! Disposable, self-contained lens cleaning system that can go anywhere glasses or safety lens are worn. Anti-Static and Anti-Fog silicone-free cleaning solution removes dirt...
    Harmony Price: $119.99

Safety Glasses Wipes

Safety glasses are not only a good idea, they're required under OSHA standards for many manufacturing and industrial businesses. Keep your employees seeing clearly through their eye protection with safety glass wipes from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Proper care of safety glasses serves a number of purposes. Dirty and fogged lenses impair employee visibility and discourages use. Clean glasses are easier to see through, which helps them to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. By keeping the lenses clean, you are also maintaining and protecting your monetary investment rather than having a high rate of glasses being disposed of. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies has safety glass wipes from the leading brands, including Uvex Clear Plus, Bausch and Lomb Sight Savers and Kimberly Clark Kimtech Science Wipes. We carry premoistened lens cleaning wipes that impart anti-fogging properties and non-silicone lens cleaners safe for anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings. Thanks to our bulk pricing, you can get the best products at a fraction of the cost. Choose from convenient wipe packets, lens cleaning stations, dry cleaning tissues safe for coat lens, and spray-on cleaning solution that are all silicone-free to clean without damaging your safety glasses.

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