Rayon Swabs

Rayon Swabs

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  • Get Puritan Sterile Rayon Swab, Mini Tip, 5.4", Aluminum Shaft .035" D. 25-800R at Harmony

    Puritan Sterile Rayon Swab, Mini Tip, 5.4 in., Aluminum Shaft .035 in. D.

    Puritan Medical Products

      Puritan Sterile Mini Tip Rayon Swab Individually wrapped to prevent sample contamination! Ideal for diagnostic specimen collection, DNA testing, wound treatment and application of medicines Made from finest USP grade rayon fiber, low-lint...
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    Overall Length:
    5.4 in.
    Tip Material:
    Shaft Material:
    Transport Tube:
    Country of Origin:
    Tip Diameter:
    0.078 in. (1.982 mm)
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Rayon Swabs

Rayon-tipped swabs are designed for a wide range of unique applications, including specimen collection, testing and medical applications. If you're measuring the differences of the rayon verses cotton swab, consider that rayon is often considered the more economical choice. Like cotton, rayon-tipped swabs are soft and highly absorbent, but are made from a synthetic spun fiber that helps eliminate damage to specimens. The team here at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies can help you weigh on rayon vs. cotton for your unique needs.

Most of our rayon swab are made in the U.S. by Puritan, one of the top makers of swabs and applicators. Choose from a range of different options, including sterile rayon swabs and styles with wood, plastic or aluminum shafts. Most come individually wrapped to prevent sample contamination. These low-lint rayon swabs can be ordered in various quantities from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. No matter how many you need, you can count on excellent, low prices and fast shipping.