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Purell Hand Sanitizer

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    Purell Hand Sanitizer 2-Liter Pump Dispenser Bottle saves you more! Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness. Works in as little as 15 seconds. No water or towels needed. Specially formulated moisturizers leave hands feeling soft...
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Purell® Hand Sanitizer

What is Purell® Sanitizer?

Purell Sanitizer is a trusted brand since before 1988. In fact, the CDC and FDA specifically recommended Purell as a trusted brand. Healthcare workers and food service employees continue to depend on Purell, not to mention consumers worldwide. Purell was invented by Gojo, the same company that still makes soap and dispensers. It was created as a quick way to kill 99.99% of common bacteria and viruses without needing water.

Purell became on the market for consumers in 1997, before just being used in commercial and healthcare settings.

Covid-19, swine flu, and the common flu are all illnesses that are best avoided. It is important to keep your hands clean, free of harmful germs and bacteria that negatively affect personal hygiene. Hand sanitizer keep your hands clean and sanitized. Washing hands with soap it a part of the equation. Hand sanitizer prevents illnesses in an instant and on-the-go. In cafeterias, food service areas, and the entrance to stores and businesses, hand sanitizer is necessary to signal to your customers that you value cleanliness.

What size Purell® is good for travel?

Purell 2 oz Travel Size Hand Sanitizer is gentle on your hands, effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria, and convenient enough to take anywhere you go. Harmony stocks travel size hand sanitizer in bulk, allowing your company to buy cases of the purell you need. Purell meets or exceeds all CDC guidelines with its design team formulating products in the United States. Purell travel sized is not sticky like cheap knock-offs. Its fast drying formula kills 99.% of bacteria and dries in 15 seconds or less.

What is Purell Hand Sanitizer made of? Does it contain alcohol?

Purell is made a 70% ethyl alcohol. Meaning it is safe to use and will not cause any skin damage. It successfully kills 99.99% of common germs in 15 seconds.

Not all instant hand sanitizers are the same. Cheap hand sanitizers can contain methanol or other harmful alcohol products that are toxic to the skin. Formulating an effective hand sanitizer is important, but ensuring that the product does not harm consumers' skin is more important.

Purell also contains inactive ingredients to affect its consistency: glycerin gives Purell its texture. Purell also contains water, isopropyl alcohol, carbomer fragrance, aminomethyl propanol, propylene glycol, isopropyl myristate, tocopheryl acetate. Purell is not tested on animals.

Is Purell safe and effective?

Yes and yes. Purell is safe and effective. The only harmful alcohol based hand sanitizer are those created using methanol or other cheap alcohol derivatives. Purell is as safe as any alcohol wipe on the market. The CDC founds low quality sanitizers imported from Mexico and China during the pandemic. Harmony always recommends buying Purell branded hand sanitizer because of its commitment to quality and consistency. Purell products are even safe during use for pregnancy and with children. It is recommended that an adult show a child how to use Purell, to ensure that it is not eaten and a proper amount is dispensed. Purell will burn if it comes into contact with the sensitive eye areas.

Purell is effective at reducing the spread of infectious germs. The microorganisms that live and thrive on our hands can be removed via soap and water or Purell. Gojo manufacturers both soap and Purell, meaning they know a thing or two about effectively preventing the spread of infectious material. Purell has safely been used for decades because of its effectiveness. The CDC recommends using a quarter size amount and rubbing vigorously between the hands, fingers for 15 to 20 seconds for full effectiveness.

Does the use of Purell cause superbugs?

No. Superbugs are antibiotic resistant bacteria that are generally created due to large-scale factory farming. To think that hand sanitizer could cause antibiotic resistance in bacteria is absurd. For one, bacteria cannot breed in Purell gel. Purell quickly kills 99.99% of all germs effectively. Purell and disinfectants kill bacteria much differently than antibiotics. For one, Purell denatures the proteins that make up bacteria and viruses, much different than a drug that a virus can adapt against. The CDC confirms that there is zero chance for germs to adapt or develop resistance to Purell or other alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Does Purell expire?

Yes. However, it is unlikely a typical consumer or business will ever come close to the typical shelf life of Purell. For one, Purell lasts at least three years from the data of manufacturing. And, the CDC says that their is evidence it is effective beyond this time frame, making it ideal to stockpile for disaster scenarios. If a product has an expiry date, this date is 3 years from data of manufacturing. Harmony recommends using it by the expiration date, but understands that doomsday-prep may require Purell to sit on the shelf for much longer. In these cases, use your best judgement. Shelf life may be diminished due to unideal conditions. When stored in a cool, dry, dark place, Purell shelf life may be extended.

Purell is reliable, effective, and is the perfect signal for businesses to show consumers they care about hygiene. Purell offers the best products to suit your needs. Harmonycr.com only carries Purell Hand Sanitizer in bulk, and other janitorial and cleaning products. For homes, offices, and industry, trust Harmony to deliver. Reduce disease transmission and illness in public buildings and workplaces.

Few things are more effective than Purell Hand Sanitizer. A regular hand washing solution that kills 99% of germs that may cause illness in as little as 15 seconds. Purell compares to sani-com wipes in terms of convenience and effectiveness when disinfecting half-face respirators and other protective equipment.

Hand Sanitizers and hand sanitizing wipes help control pathogens and promote good skin health. Even in the most demanding environments. Check out the following products to select one that suits your work environment. Extensive scientific research has produced incredible hand washing solutions based on alcohol. This formula can reach the cell membrane more effectively. Apart from killing germs, moisturizers are added to help prevent dry skin. Pocket Hand Sanitizers help you develop a contamination-free work environment and reduce illness.

Purell Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are another great hand cleaning solution. Ideal for food service, public offices, health and travel industries, and transportation. For heavy-traffic areas, check out our Wall-mounted Sanitizer Dispensers and wipe down heavy-risk environments with our disinfecting wipes. Provide your employees with the most effective and affordable hand washing solution. Pick up the phone and place your order at (800) 899-1255 or order online.