Shoe & Boot Covers

Shoe & Boot Covers

    Get Medline Fluid Resistant Boot Covers, Skid-Free 27143 at Harmony

    Medline Fluid Resistant Boot Covers, Skid-Free


    Harmony Price: $47.99
      Fluid Resistant Boot Covers Non-Skid, too! Latex-free, knee-high boot covers have breathable, fluid-resistant multi-layer material above the ankle, and a fluid-proof polypropylene coating below the ankle providing maximum fluid protection...
    Harmony Price: $47.99

Medical Shoe Covers and Boot Covers

Medical Grade Disposable Shoe Covers

In any work environment with a need for great cleanliness you need shoe and boot covers to protect your workplace from dust, dirt and grime. Utilizing our disposable Shoe and Boot Covers you can minimize this risk, to ensure the cleanliest possible work place. Made of fine thermoplastics or Tyvek materials, our Shoe Covers will keep your workplace clean while ensuring employees still have good grip as they move about. If you need extra grip or worried about skids, we have special skid-free or special gripper soles for even the slipperiest of surfaces enabling safe work. We have the best Shoe and Boot Covers from such well-regarded brands such as Tyvek, Medline, Keystone and PermaGard all for a great price. Remember in industrial, cleanroom and other work settings you don’t want trips and falls, and our non-slip Shoe Covers and Boot Covers help protect against those too with non-skid extra traction bottoms. Let us match you with the best Shoe and Boot Covers using our years of experience and keep your workplace in Harmony.