Paper Product Dispensers

Paper Product Dispensers

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    SofPull Center Pull Towel Dispenser, each


    Harmony Price: $39.99
      SOFPULL Center Pull Towel Dispenser. One-at-a-time dispensing minimizes the risk of cross-contamination Dependable one-at-a-time dispensing reduces waste. Hygienic dispenser only exposes the end of the next towel. Innovative low paper...
    Harmony Price: $39.99

Heavy duty paper dispensers!

Hands-free devices have become popular throughout the world. It is not hard to understand why. Touch-free Paper Towel Dispensers not only improve hand hygiene (by reducing cross-contamination) but also reduce supply waste in high-traffic facilities.
Provide reliable hand cleaning solutions to your staff. As well as reduce the amount of paper used during the hand drying. Browse through the following Paper Products Dispensers and you will find the right solution:
Your facility can save up to 30% on paper usage, while reducing cross-contamination, by using Commercial Toilet Paper Dispensers. Suitable for use in all types of commercial facilities. Commercial Toilet Paper Dispensers are ideal for high-traffic facilities. Such as restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, universities, etc. Paper Product Dispensers can last a lifetime.

Looking for a more innovative towel dispenser solution? Touchless Roll Towel Dispensers would be the best choice. Hygienic touchless dispensing saves paper and prevents germs spread in a very efficient manner. Center pull towel dispensers are another great addition to our Janitorial Supplies. It is a hygienic single-sheet solution that offers large capacity and accommodates most brands of center pull towels.

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies provides a broad assortment of Paper Towel Dispensers ideal for both high-traffic and low-traffic facilities. Ready to equip your facility with the best quality and affordable Janitorial Supplies? Dial (800) 899-1255 to place your order now!