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A controlled environment must be equipped with specifically designed Cleanroom Consumables and equipment. Use of supplies that are not suitable for cleanrooms will contaminate your manufacturing environment and negatively impact the quality of products. Whether you manufacture semiconductors, conduct research in a biomedical lab, or operate a compounding pharmacy, Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies has the supplies you need in stock.
Best Selling Cleanroom Supplies

At Harmony Lab & Safety we know that cleanrooms require special attention and products when it comes to maintaining the operation of your controlled environment. If you run or manage a cleanroom, we offer great products designed just for use in cleanrooms of all types. Harmony provides a full range of Cleanroom Supplies and other consumables needed to keep your cleanroom safe. When operating in a highly-regulated environment, even the smallest of details can make a big difference. Whether your company specializes in aerospace, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical, we offer a complete variety of Cleanroom Gowning Supplies that will meet or exceed your cleanliness and quality standards. 

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Disposable Apparel for Cleanrooms

Many cleanroom operations are moving to disposable apparel instead of resource heavy laundered apparel. Disposable apparel eliminates laundering costs and maintenance and still provides comfortable and reliable protection. Harmony supplies cleanroom face masks, cleanroom isolation gowns, lab coats & frocks, coveralls, and shoe covers that are all disposable, easy to use, and reliable.

Cleanroom Disposable Gloves

Available in assorted materials, our selection of Cleanroom Gloves are fit for any cleanroom job. 9-12 inches long cleanroom gloves in nitrile or latex and in assorted colors, you’re sure to find the disposable glove for your cleanroom needs. Our Cleanroom Gloves are also available in sterile or non-sterile. Leading brands of cleanroom gloves such as V-Clean, TechniGlove, and Cranberry, at lower prices.

Adhesive Mats For Cleanrooms 

Adhesive Mats and Rollers for Cleanrooms are essential in controlling dust and dirt in cleanroom and other controlled environments. Harmony offers cleanroom mops, adhesive roller film, adhesive roller handles, and adhesive mats for cleanrooms in assorted sizes. Stop dirt in its tracks with our Adhesive Mats! 

Cleanroom Documentation

Office Supplies and documentation are different for Cleanrooms and clean environments. Our specially designed cleanroom notebooks and cleanroom paper are coated and impregnated with a polymer. This coating keeps the paper from generating particles and contaminating the cleanroom. If you need a latex coating we have these products as well. Keep your area clean with our selection of cleanroom documentation, cleanroom paper, and cleanroom pens designed just for Cleanrooms.

Swabs for Cleanrooms

Swabs and Applicators in the Cleanroom are often required tools. Make sure you only get the highest quality swabs for work in cleanrooms. Harmony’s selection of cleanroom swabs are from top brands like Chemtronics, Huby, Puritan and TekniSwab to ensure quality, performance, and reliability. We have many different swab materials to choose for controlled environments including knitted polyester swabs, microfiber swabs, foam swabs, ESD swabs and cotton swabs in a wide assortment of sizes.

Cleanroom Polyethylene Tape

Polyethylene Tape for cleanrooms are used to seal and label safely in a controlled environment. Low Particulate, contaminant free tape wound on a clean plastic core and individually packaged in heat sealed bags in Class 100 environment. Polyethylene Cleanroom Tape has less particulates and higher adhesion than vinyl tapes and leaves no residue when removed.

Cleanroom Wipers

High Quallity Wipers are a must in Cleanrooms! We offer only top quality cleanroom wipers with features that our customers care about. Whether you need cleanroom wipes in materials like polyester, microfiber, or poly/cellulose, we have what you need for the job. Pre-saturated alcohol wipes are also extremely handy in cleanrooms. Shop our assortment of quality cleanroom wipes and save with our competitive prices.

If you need cleanroom supplies, we can help. Contact us today (800-899-1255) for even more information on finding the products you need for your cleanroom or controlled environment. Our Clean Room Supplies are trusted by environmentally conscious businesses such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and scientific research facilities. Feel free to contact us if you're not sure which type of cleanroom products will work best for you. Save money and time, call us at (800) 899-1255 to place a quick order!