HexArmor MX200 Safety Glasses, Clear Lens, Multiple Anti-Fog Options

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About this Product

HexArmor MX200 Safety Glasses

Permanent Anti-fog protection!

  • Increase compliance with safety glasses that have it all: performance, comfort, fit, and style.
  • Rimless wraparound lens with LTX® Lens Technology provide a wide field of vision at premium optical clarity.
  • TruShield permanent Anti-fog inner coating never washes off and lasts the lifetime of glasses.
  • Lightweight design with contoured nose bridge for all day comfort and fit.
  • Flexible soft-grip side arms provide a low-pressure, slip-free, and stable fit for any head.
  • Beveled lens edge for additional upper eye protection.
  • Integrated channel for eye ventilation.
  • Dielectric safety glasses with 100% metal-free design for use around electricity.
  • Filters 100% of harmful UV rays.
  • Compliant with ANSI Z87.1.2015, CE EN166, CSA Z94.3*, and High Impact Rated Z87+ (*With exception of TruShield®2SF).
  • Lens Coating Options:
    • TruShield 2F - Inner and outer anti-fog coatings for moderately dirty conditions with hot to cold and cold to hot transition.
    • TruShield S - Inner dual-action anti-fog coating and an exterior anti-scratch hard coating for conditions with a high degree of dirt, debris, or severe fogging factors.
    • TruShield 2SF - Inner and outer dual-action anti-fog coatings for continuously fogging conditions. 
  • Packaged 1 pair of glasses per bag.

Care Instructions for TruShield Coated Lens:

  1. Note: Using any anti-fog wipes, alcohol-based cleaners or any other non-HexArmor® cleaning product on TruShield® lenses can cause damage.
  2. Lightly blow off any loose dirt or debris from your lenses.
  3. Rinse your lenses with cool water. HexArmor® eyewear is engineered to have excess dirt cleanly wash off the lens without sticking.
  4. Use a soft, dry microfiber cloth to gently wipe your lenses.
  5. If you’re not immediately putting the safety eyewear on, store it in a safe spot or in a pouch or case. Never put unprotected safety eyewear in your pocket.

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