Due to global supply shortages, orders from Existing Customers have priority. All Sales are Final for Corona-virus related products. Learn more
The global pandemic has caused widespread shortages of disposable gloves and unprecedented price increases.  
As such, all disposable glove orders are reviewed with priority given to existing business customers who purchased gloves prior to the current crisis.

Polyethylene Gloves

Polyethylene Gloves

    Disposable Polyethylene Food Handling Gloves 1.25 mil Disposable Food Service Gloves, 1.25 mil

    Disposable Food Service Gloves, 1.25 mil


    Harmony Price: $1.29
      Poly Food Handling Gloves Low cost Protection for less than a penny! Meets US Federal regulations for food contact. One size fits all - either hand, too. Goes on quickly and fits loosely. Clear, 1.25 mil thick polyethylene (polythene)...
    Harmony Price: $1.29

Disposable Polyethylene Gloves

Disposable polyethylene gloves from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies are our lowest-price work gloves. These versatile, lightweight disposable PE gloves are best buys for food service work, deli counters and other high-volume uses. PE gloves are ideal for tasks that require frequent glove changes. Our polyethylene gloves are favorites in food service lines and at other businesses requiring frequent glove changes. Save more on bulk buys. Poly gloves by Liberty Glove & Safety are available in 100-glove dispensers. Order 100-count dispenser packs, 1000 count boxes or 10,000-glove cases with free shipping on qualifying orders.
Keep your hands clean and protect food from contamination with food handling gloves from Liberty Glove & Safety designed to fit loosely for easy on-and-off wear. One size fits all. Each PE food prep disposable glove can be worn on either hand. These single-use food service gloves are made of 1.25 milliliter-thick polyethylene that has been embossed for a better grip. The glove dispensers allow easy access for fast glove changes.