Food Handling Gloves

Food Handling Gloves

    Get Kleenguard G10 6 mil Blue Nitrile Food Service/General Purpose Gloves, Powder Free, 1000/cs L57372 at Harmony Kleenguard G10 Blue Nitrile Food Service/General Purpose Gloves, 6 mil, Powder Free

    Kleenguard G10 Blue Nitrile Food Service/General Purpose Gloves, 6 mil, Powder Free

    Kimberly Clark

    Harmony Price: $14.99
      Kleenguard G10 Nitrile Gloves 6 Mil thick protection! Designed for tasks requiring maximum dexterity without sacrificing protection or tactile sensitivity. Nitrile gloves are latex free - no allergic reactions to worry about - and resistant...
    Harmony Price: $14.99

Food Handling Disposable Gloves

Right gloves for food handling!

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The proper use of Disposable Food Preparation Gloves is necessary to avoid cross-contamination and foodborne illness. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies offers a comprehensive range of Food Service Gloves that act as a barrier and help avoid cross-contamination. The food service industry has to face many hygiene and contamination concerns. Encourage food handling workers to use Food Prep Gloves to dramatically improve your food sanitation and safety.
Whether you are running a restaurant or a food processing plant, make sure your facility is equipped with Food Safe Gloves. Make sure your staff understands how to use Food Service Gloves as a part of personal hygiene and sanitation practices.

There are many types of Disposable Food Preparation Gloves and you should evaluate carefully what type of Food Service Gloves will suit your food handling processes. We offer vinyl, nitrile, latex and polyethylene food gloves that are designed for food contact applications. You can also use them as general purpose gloves as needed. If you are having trouble choosing the right type of gloves for your business, give us a quick call for free assistance.
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