Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

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Disposable Gloves

Keep Your Hands & Environment Safe

Lots of industries use disposable gloves every single day for hand protection in fields such as: medical, forensic, labs, automotive, food handling, cleaning, and other industrial applications. Whether you're a healthcare worker interacting closely with sick patients, or a lab worker handling hazardous materials, wearing the right kind of hand protection is extremely important. Disposable gloves protect the user and what they interact with. Whether that's food, other people, grime or other things you may not want direct contact with. Our gloves are available in different materials that provide their own unique protective traits and use scenarios.

We offer disposable gloves in latex, nitrile, vinyl, chloroprene, and polyethylene (PE).
Our gloves are graded according to Medical Use, Food Use, or Industrial/General Use.
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Disposable gloves are the most widely-used piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the medical field, and are essential in forensic, lab, automotive, food handling, cleaning and other industrial applications. It may seem obvious, but gloves are vital to keeping your hands and environment protected from germs, hazardous materials and more. Harmony Business Supplies knows that not all gloves are best for every single application, which is why we offer gloves in various materials including latex, nitrile, vinyl, chloroprene and polyethylene gloves which all have their own unique protective traits and use scenarios. We have everything from classic white latex gloves to hot pink exam gloves in our store.

If you're searching for super-economical and versatile non-sterile gloves for food handling, then polyethylene gloves are a great choice. These gloves are loose-fitting, so theyre easy to put on and take off in environments that require frequent glove changes. For something with more durability and strength, try our chloroprene gloves that feature a powder-free, stretchy design that conforms to your unique hand shape. These are a good option for anyone who wants puncture-free gloves without latex. Nitrite gloves may also be used in environments where allergies are concerned, since they’re made of a latex-free rubber. Nitrile is similar to latex but is known for being stronger and more comfortable.

Of course, we also have many sterile gloves for sale at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Our huge selection of latex gloves includes exam gloves, general purpose gloves, food service gloves and other styles made with comfortable light powder or powder-free latex. If you like the fit and performance of latex but want an allergy-free style, then you can use our disposable vinyl gloves that come in exam-grade and food service options. We only offer gloves by trusted brands, and you'll find options by Liberty Glove & Safety, DuraSkin, Intco, Curad, Medline and more.

Not sure what kind of disposable gloves you need? We're here to help! Give us a call at (800) 899-1255 and we'd be happy to guide you towards the right products.