Flocked Medical Swabs

Flocked Medical Swabs

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  • Puritan 25-3316-U EMB 79.5MM Sterile PurFlock Ultra Flocked Swab, Mini-Tip, 6 in, Polystyrene Shaft with Breakpoint

    Sterile PurFlock Ultra Flocked Swab, Mini-Tip, 6 in., Polystyrene Shaft with Breakpoint, 500/case

    Puritan Medical Products

    PurFlock Ultra Flocked Mini-Tip Swab Ideal for rapid diagnostic testing! An ideal choice in a polyester flock swab with excellent absorption and elution of specimens. PurFlock Ultra's high purity characteristics makes it an ideal swab for various...
    P25-3316-U EMB 79.5MM
    P25-3316-U EMB 79.5MM
    Ships within 1-2 Business Days
    Overall Length:
    6 in.
    Tip Material:
    Ultra Flocked
    Shaft Material:
    Transport Tube:
    Country of Origin:
    Tip Diameter:
    0.135 in. (3.429 mm)
    Break Point (From end of tip):
    3.13 in. (79.5 mm)
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Medical Flocked Swabs

Choose from Puritan Purflock Ultra Flocked Swabs (higher purity and cell release characteristics) or Puritan Hydraflock Flocked Swabs (specifically made for biological specimen collection). 

Collect and secure your cell specimens with Puritan flocked swabs from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Ultra-clean spun fiber tips on these swabs have a good absorption rate. The multi-length flock fibers are integrated with the shaft eliminating excessive adhesive that can interfere with specimen collection. Puritan's trademarked PurFlock Ultra® Swab applicators with flock swab tips are considered ideal for diagnostic testing. Puritan's HydraFlock® swabs have a higher absorption capacity. The flock fibers collect and maintain more specimen and releases faster. Flocked swabs are ideal for collecting forensic evidence, nasopharyngeal, urethral and for buccal cell collection.

American-made Puritan Flock swabs are available in a multitude of tip sizes, including a micro ultra-fine tip have a polystyrene shaft designed to prevent contamination of your sample. Order these individually wrapped flocked-tip swabs by the box or case. We also carry Puritan flocked swab dry transport systems to safeguard your specimen on the way to a testing facility. The cap at the opposite end of the swab tip acts as a seal when the cap is affixed to the open end of the tube to transport each specimen to the lab.

Sterile Purflock Ultra Flocked Swabs

High purity and cell release characteristics makes PurFlock Ultra swabs an ideal swab for rapid diagnostic tests.

Swabs are not all made the same, and purflock ultra swabs are made in a unique way. Traditional swabs are made of compressed cotton, rayon or polyester fibers that are inadequate at collecting and releasing specimen. Only about 15% of collected organisms can be recovered from traditional swabs as the nature of the spun fiber entraps the sample. They also rely on adhesive and fiber treatment which interferes with the specimen’s purity.

Fibers are arranged around the handle tip and create a velvet-like brush tip. The fibers are fully integrated and securely adhered to the shaft. This means no adhesive residue or fiber treatments to interfere with your collection or testing.

Purflock Ultra Swabs, on the other hand, are designed for rapid diagnostic testing and molecular assay. They rely on the finest fiber that is integrated with shafts eliminating the need for adhesive and fiber treatment. By eliminating contaminants, they ensure that they meet the highest levels of purity.

Purflock Ultra Swabs also deliver a two-in-one punch thanks to the intricate fiber structure. The swabs collect and maintain more specimen than traditional swabs, and also release more of it and faster. The complex fiber structure ensures more specimen stays on the surface, so it is easier to release.

The swabs are great for use in:

  • Specimen collection
  • Buccal cell collection
  • DNA testing
  • Forensics
  • Bacteria and micro-organism collection

These sterile flocked swab with breakpoints accommodate various vial sizes while the different tips and sizes improve flexibility and comfort, as are also available as part of dry transport systems and viral transport media kits.