Flame Resistant FR Clothing

Flame Resistant FR Clothing

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  • Get Portwest ARC 2 Flame Resistant Hooded Sweatshirt, Navy (UFR81) at Harmony Lab a& Safety Supplies

    Portwest UFR81 Arc Rated FR Hooded Sweatshirt, Navy


    Portwest Flame-resistant and Arc-rated Zip-Front Hooded Sweatshirt CAT 2 Arc-rated Flame resistant (AR/FR) hooded sweatshirt with high cotton content combines softness with flame resistant protection. Hood for added protection against the elements...
    Ships within 1-2 Business Days
    NFPA 70E Rating:
    CAT/ARC 2
    ATPV Rating:
    16 Cal/sq cm
    Fabric Weight:
    9 oz
    60% Modacrylic / 39% Cotton / 1% Carbon Fiber
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Flame Resistant Clothing

FR Apparel is designed to protect the wearer from fire hazards. Many people experience fire hazards in their jobs, whether it be manufacturing or metalworking. While the actual rate of fire injuries may be lower than other hazards, it is still best to prepare for the worst. Flame resistant clothing is made of nonflammable fabric that is designed to either extinguish flames or burn exceptionally slow to not harm the wearer. Generic cotton clothing is flammable.

Harmony carries flame resistant clothing in a variety of fabrics, styles, and HRC levels to ensure you have the protection you need. Our FR outerwear keeps you warm in the coldest temperatures, without sacrificing safety. Harmony only stocks quality products from industry leading manufacturers.