Dry Transport Swabs

Dry Transport Swabs

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  • Get Puritan Cap-Shure Sterile Cotton Swab, 6", Polypropylene Shaft 25-807-1PC-EC at Harmony

    Puritan Cap-Shure Sterile Cotton Swab, 7 in., Polypropylene Shaft

    Puritan Medical Products

    $48.99 - $449.99
    Puritan Cap-Shure Sterile Buccal Cotton Swab Tip Protector and Swab in one Sterile Package Aerated Tip protector slides on the shaft and keeps the tip suspended away from the sides. Lays flat to air dry. Designed for DNA and evidence collection...
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    Overall Length:
    7 in.
    Tip Material:
    Shaft Material:
    Transport Tube:
    Country of Origin:
    Tip Diameter:
    0.203 in. (5.157 mm)
    $48.99 - $449.99
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    $48.99 - $449.99
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Dry Transport Swabs

When collecting a specimen for testing and screening, using a trustworthy dry transport system for transportation to the lab is essential. Notable brands such as Puritan fill our inventory of reliable names used by countless medical, research and forensic professionals. We offer a variety of dry transport swabs made from different tip materials, including foam, cotton, polyester, rayon, flocked and more, suitable for a range of testing. Choose from regular, large and ultra-fine tips. From DNA testing to ophthalmology, pediatrics, oropharyngeal, gynecological, and veterinary applications, we make it easy to find the transport tubes and swab that best fits your needs.

Foam and cotton tip sterile specimen collection swabs offer a high particle collection capacity to easily collect and releases cells for clinical diagnostics. They are often used for DNA testing as well as for general-purpose use as a medication applicator and for wound cleaning. Polyester transport swabs contain no fatty acids or latent sugars that can interfere with results and are frequently used for the collection of specimens from throats and gynecological screenings. Flocked swabs are ideal for when rapid diagnostic testing results are desired, while rayon swabs are used in general-purpose cell collection, testing and screening. Whichever swab you choose, rest assured that each one is designed to create a safe and sterile environment for your collected specimen. Useful features include a label that can be filled in with collection information, patient identification, expiration date and other vital information. We also carry media transport systems with viral transport media, swab, and tube for the collection and transport of specific specimens.

Many of our swabs and tubes are made in the U.S. and are carefully monitored and tested to ensure the safety and sterility of each product. For your convenience, our swabs and tubes are sold by the box or the case so you can purchase as little or as much as you need. Looking to save? You will do just that when you buy in bulk quantities.