Hair Nets

Hair Nets

    Honeycomb Hair Nets, 100% Nylon

    Honeycomb Hair Nets, Nylon, 4 Colors, 4 Sizes

    Liberty Glove

    Harmony Price: $42.99
    Disposable Honeycomb Hair Nets Breathable, ultra-comfortable way to restrain your hair at the work. Allows ample circulation while keeping hair in place to prevent stray strands from contaminating work areas. This honeycomb style hair net has an opening...
    Harmony Price: $42.99

Hair Nets

What are hair nets?

Hair nets prevent the dreaded hair found in the food by your customer. Hair nets are a common preventative measure. People feel safe when they see food workers wearing hair nets. Open kitchens and ghost kitchens both benefit from proper protective hair nets. What you may not know is that hair nets do not prevent the spread of infectious diseases or other harmful bacteria.

The FDA has never recorded a single count of illness or death from a stray hair in food. However, there have been countless 1 star yelp reviews and bad feedback. Although hair nets adoption did not fully occur until a PR campaign started with Edward Berneys convinced the public that hair in food was dangerous. And Berney's campaign was effective, so much so that food service hair nets are widespread.

Hair nets are necessary items and are required by the FDA and USDA in food handling settings. After each use, employees should throw their disposable apparel away. In the times of Covid-19, it is important to sanitize hands after disposal. Disposable hairnets come in lengths of 18" to 26". Made of lightweight nylon mesh material that is comfortable and cool enough to wear all day. 

Do hair nets actually work?

Hairnets are effective tools for preventing the spread of hair in food processing and food service. They are so effective that the FDA and USDA mandate their use. Although not used everywhere, hairnets provide peace of mind and protection from federal and state fines for code violations. Hairnets promote safety and hygiene especially when paired with other disposable apparel. Some hairnets have a metal detectable clip so that they can be found and extracted if fallen onto production lines. Metal detectable hairnets comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point programs. 

Why don't fast food workers wear hair nets?

The FDA's regulations for wearing hair nets does not extend to hosts and hostesses, counter-staff, wait-staff, bartenders, and those with minimal risk of contaminating food. It is likely that hairnets are worn in the kitchen but not in the front of the house. This may present the illusion that fast food workers don't wear hair nets, but the people preparing the food comply with the regulation and wear hairnets.

In California, HSC 113969 requires those that come in direct contact with food to wear hairnets but does not require such apparel for front of the house workers. Hair restraints are used to prevent har from entering the food, and would be unnecessary for a cashier to wear.

You may find the cleaning staff wearing hair nets but this is not required by law, as there is minimal risk of contaminating food. Other food service supplies such as food wipes assist workers in keeping a hygienic environment without the use of hair nets.

Are hair nets reusable?

Hairnets are a type of disposable hair restraint and are meant to be disposed of after each use. They differ from bouffant caps slightly. Disposable hairnets are cost-effective enough to not be reused. You may get away with reusing apparel that has no visible tears or stress, but this may negatively impact the comfort of your workers. Kitchen hairnets may absorb the smells and fumes of cooking and should not be reused. White hair nets may visibly show the signs of wear and stains. Medical hairnets should never be reused especially in high-risk settings.

If you are unsure of what hairnets are right for you feel free to contact us. At Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies we want to get you to the supplies you need as quick as possible. We offer bulk discounts and wholesale pricing on hairnets and other disposable apparel. Whether you need a pack or a case Harmony offers the same friendly customer service to everyone.

Where can I buy hair nets?

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies stocks hairnets in our Garden Grove, CA warehouse and ships them across the United States. 98% of orders ship out in 1 business day. When you need food service disposable apparel such as hairnets, come to the source for wholesale pricing and fast shipping. The generic hairnets you find on Walmart and Amazon may do you a disservice by failing when you need them most! And when you try to find the brand you bought from they changed their name. Not so with Harmony. Founded in 2006 you can trust us to deliver time and time again with USA customer support and competitive pricing.

We ensure our hairnets meet or exceed all state and federal standards for food service. Whether you're cooking or sleeping we have a hairnet to keep your hair out of your face. Harmony supplies food service disposable apparel that meet or exceed USDA standards for use in federally-inspected plants. Laws have been put in place in many states and industries to help prevent the unsafe contamination of food and other consumer products. If you work in any food-related environment, there's a good chance your employees should be wearing well-fitting hairnets or nitrile food gloves during their shifts. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies can help supply you with bulk hair nets as well as other essential business supplies.