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Cleanroom Face Masks

Cleanroom Face Masks

    Get TekniMask Cleanroom Disposable Ear Loop Face Mask, ISO 4 Class 10, White, 50/bag TFMEL7-WH at Harmony Get TekniMask Cleanroom Disposable Ear Loop Face Mask, Class 10, White, 50/bag TFMEL7-WH at Harmony

    TekniMask Cleanroom Face Mask, ISO 4 Class 10, Ear Loops, White, 50/bag


    Harmony Price: $29.99
    TekniMask TM-EL-7B Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom Face Masks with Ear Loops, White High filtration, high comfort! Class 10 compatible and ultra-clean and very low particle and fiber release, high 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and particle...
    Harmony Price: $29.99

Cleanroom Ear Loop Face Masks

If you work in a cleanroom, you know that one of the most important elements of cleanliness and safety within that environment is protecting your body and the area from contamination. Wearing cleanroom masks can make a critical difference, but not all masks are the same. These cleanroom masks with ear loops are ideal for use in controlled environments, including laboratories, research facilities, medical manufacturing, aerospace and semiconductor industries. They will help protect the environment from contaminants from your mouth and body.

All of our cleanroom-safe masks are made for comfort and excellent filtration properties to prevent contamination. All of them offer 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and particle filtration efficiency (PFE) to prevent particulates from contaminating a controlled environment. We offer different latex-free cleanroom masks for your particular needs, including white and blue styles in small and large quantities. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is always happy to assist you with finding the right style for your specific needs and budget.