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Anti-Viral Face Masks

Anti-Viral Face Masks

    Comfortable and Adjustable Curad Germ Shield Medical Grade Face Mask Curad Germ Shield Medical Grade Face Mask Individually Packaged

    Curad Germ Shield Face Mask


    Harmony Price: $12.99
    Curad Germ Shield Medical Grade Face Mask Keeps Germs Out! Bacterial filtration efficiency >99%.  The Tredegar Film blocks germs for maximum barrier protection. Breathable film layer to wick moisture away from your face. Anti-Fog Foam...
    Harmony Price: $12.99

Anti-Viral Face Masks

Protect your workforce from the flu and more with our top brands in anti-viral face masks from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Buy Curad and Medline masks online at a discount with our low prices for small and large orders that beat up&up masks. We also sell EPA-registered anti-viral wipes and a broad range of infection control supplies. Fight viruses and the flu with our Curad brand anti-viral masks. Curad one-size flat masks with pleats inactivate 99.99 percent of tested influenza viruses within five minutes of contact with the face mask's surface.

Seasonal flu viruses tested with this mask include Pandemic H1NI, Avian, Swine and Equine strains. The hydrophilic plastic coating on the mask deflects aerosol droplets of influenza A and B viruses. The first and second layers are treated with special compounds and a low pH environment designed to inactivate flu viruses. Our Medline brand anti-viral masks also inactivate 99.99 percent of tested flu viruses within five minutes of contact. has earned hundreds of highest five-star ratings from customers for low prices, outstanding product quality and exceptional customer service.