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Arm Sleeves

Arm Sleeves

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Protective Arm Sleeves

Arm Protection Against Chemicals, Abrasions, And More

Disposable sleeve protectors (or arm covers) are used as another layer of liquid or chemical barrier protection for the forearm. Protective sleeves can be worn over bare skin or over clothing.
Harmony offers arm sleeves in a variety of fabrics such as terry cloth, kevlar, denim, vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, Tyvek, and microporous.
Disposable sleeves can be used for lab, food, medical or industrial applications.
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If you need an extra liquid or chemical barrier on the forearm, there’s no better choice than disposable protective sleeves for arms. Disposable arm sleeves are commonly used in applications where dirt and contaminants could compromise the environment and your clothing. They also provide an extra layer of protection against abrasions and cuts. Harmony has all the best disposable sleeve options for laboratory, medical, food service and industrial applications. You can wear any of these sleeves over your clothing or bare skin for extra protection. We carry sleeves by Tyvek, Liberty Glove & Safety and Keystone.

We offer disposable arm sleeves in a wide variety of materials, including denim sleeves, terry cloth, vinyl, Tyvek arm covers, Kevlar arm protection, microporous sleeves, polyethylene and polypropylene. Materials such as denim are appropriate for keeping worker’s clothes and skin safe from dirt, dust and debris at a relatively affordable price. Disposable terry cloth sleeves provide heat and abrasion protection with a reversible, washable design for an even more economical approach. Extra-thick Vinyl protective sleeves are recommended for protecting skin and clothing against fats, oils, chemicals and abrasions. Get even more performance when you choose disposable sleeves made of high-tech Tyvek or Kevlar. Tyvek sleeves provide excellent protection and repellency coupled with all-day comfort, while Kevlar sleeves offer the best protection against heat, burns and cuts.

We have several types of plastic arm sleeves in our huge selection. Polyethylene (PE) are a popular option for protection against water-based liquids, and they also work to reduce particulate release. PE arm sleeves are commonly used in general purpose industrial applications, including cleanroom, food processing, dental, surgical scrub, general maintenance and more jobs where splash protection is necessary. For basic protection from dirt, dust and grime choose polyproylene sleeves. No matter which material you need, you can count on great volume discounts, fast shipping and the best customer service when you shop with Harmony.