Disposable Apparel

Disposable Apparel

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    Get Polyethylene Coated Isolation Gowns with elastic cuff, White, 50/case T270PL-WE at Harmony

    Polyethylene Coated Isolation Gowns with elastic cuff, White, 50/case


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    Polyethylene Coated White Isolation Gowns Safe. The polyethylene coating added to the non-woven (polypropylene) material protects from water based liquids and reduces particulate release. Keeping you dry when working around liquids. Cool and...
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    Coated Polypropylene
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Disposable Apparel

What is disposable apparel?

Disposable apparel, also known as disposable clothing, is protective apparel designed for industrial, medical, food, and cleanroom settings.

Here are the main benefits of disposable apparel:

  • Prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, dust, and debris
  • Protect your skin from chemical irritants and hazards
  • Protection from environmental hazards
  • Maintain critical environment standards
  • Protect patients from bacterial hazards
  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Comply with FDA, OSHA, and CDC guidelines

What is disposable apparel used for?

If you work in a facility with federal oversight, then OSHA's technical manual guides when and why to use protective clothing.

Protective apparel must be worn whenever the wearer "faces potential hazards" such as chemical exposure. Coveralls, gloves, and boots are standard protective clothing recommended by OSHA. Disposable apparel must be paired with other protective equipment such as respiratory, hearing, and eye protection.

Knowing how each item integrates to create a complete ensemble is essential. Some chemical protective suits may reduce mobility, or poor-fitting gloves may reduce dexterity. Check each item individually and together before exposing yourself to a hazard.

What type of disposable apparel do you need?

There are four factors to consider when purchasing disposable apparel or protective clothing.

  1. Chemical Hazards
  2. Physical Environment
  3. Duration of Exposure
  4. Protective Clothing Available

Chemicals can be corrosive, flammable, reactive, or highly toxic. Ensure your garments provide sufficient protection and don't corrode when exposed. When you face a combination of chemical hazards, this adds to the complexity. Test your garments to be sure you are safe.

The physical environment affects which protective garments are suitable. For example, indoor industrial manufacturing facilities may not be exposed to the extreme heat of those in outdoor settings. Working on a highway is vastly different than working in a cleanroom. Chemical handling in a confined space differs from handling those same chemicals in a well-ventilated outdoor area. Your choice of apparel must accommodate your conditions.

How long you plan to expose your apparel to hazards is essential to your decision-making. It is best to prepare for the worst-case scenario so the worker has a sufficient margin of safety. If there is a fixed air supply, or your apparel erodes over time when exposed to your specific chemical hazard, increase the margin of safety to accommodate.

Ideally, a wide array of clothing and protective equipment is available to workers. An over-reliance on one piece of equipment may impact your ability to handle a broad range of hazards. A high degree of flexibility allows for apparel to be interchanged and integrated with other safety gear.

Who uses disposable clothing?

Although protective clothing is widely used, here are some primary industries that rely on disposable apparel:

  • Food processing facilities
  • Doctor offices
  • Surgical operating rooms
  • Cleanroom, critical environments
  • Industrial manufacturing centers
  • Pharmaceutical and semi-conductor manufacturers

Where can you buy disposable apparel?

Find the best disposable apparel to keep your lab or industrial center operating effectively. Universities, governments, and industrial and food processing centers depend on Harmony for essential disposable clothing. Stock up today and take advantage of bulk wholesale pricing. Protect yourself from particles, liquids, and chemicals in your work environment.

Shop Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies as your disposable apparel supplier in medical, manufacturing, and cleanroom apparel. Keep your work environment stocked with dependable and affordable disposable apparel. Remember, Harmony is here for you!