Disposable Apparel

Disposable Apparel

    Comfortable and Adjustable Curad Germ Shield Medical Grade Face Mask

    Curad 4-Layer Germ Shield Medical Grade Face Masks


    Harmony Price: $12.99
    Curad Germ Shield 4-Layer Medical Grade Face Masks Keeps Germs Out! Bacterial filtration efficiency >99%.  The Tredegar Film blocks germs for maximum barrier protection. Four layered high barrier surgical face mask filters out dust,...
    Harmony Price: $12.99

Disposable Apparel

Find the best disposable apparel to keep your lab or industrial center operating effectively. Universities, governments, industrial and food processing centers depend on Harmony for essential disposable apparel.

Prevent contamination and protect your company's assets. Stock up today and take advantage of bulk wholesale pricing. Find cleanroom grade disposable goods to minimize particle generation. Biotech companies and pharma manufacuturing centers depend on Harmony.

Check out our customer's favorite disposable apparel products:

Protect yourself from particles, liquids, and chemicals in your work environment. Disposable Apparel available in different materials to suit your specific application. Disposable protective coveralls, aprons, shoe covers, and sleeves offer different areas of protection; pick the material that suits your application. You may not need a Tyvek Suit or a Kevlar arm sleeve; a microporous coverall or polypropylene arm sleeve may be enough for your needs. If you aren't sure, get in touch and we'll be glad to help. We have everything a cleanroom or hospital would need to protect their employees. Industries love Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Beyond work in a medical setting, Harmony has what you need to protect against metal fabrication, handling chemicals. Stock up now.

Food Safe Disposable Apparel

Beard nets will ensure cleanliness and food safety compliance. Food processing facilities will benefit from steel toed PVC rubber boots as apposed to using boot covers to superficially protect employees' property. Although brands like Keystone and Liberty have boot covers that can withstand heavy turnover operations, it is best to proceed with caution when safety is a concern. For example, ensure employees wear protective arm sleeves so they can feel at ease to perform their job satisfactory. 

Medical Grade Disposable Apparel

Curad Face Masks provide protection adequate for healthcare professionals in urgent care and other medical offices. Nurses and staff should continue to wear masks until the CDC advises otherwise. Long term care facilities will benefit from our paper disposable bibs at great prices. Many other industries rely on our disposable apparel including: research labs, biotech firms, semiconductor manufacturing, industry, general manufacturing, food processing and restaurants, pharmaceutical, janitorial, cleanrooms and chemical processing. 

Cleanroom Disposable Apparel

Harmony carries the disposable cleanroom apparel you need to operate any critically controlled environment. From bouffants to shoe covers, we keep you protected head to toe. We stock trusted brands like Liberty, Tyvek, and Keystone.

Protect yourself in environments where chemicals, particulates, and liquid splash are prevalent. Comfortable and dependable protection you need to perform your job requirements. Shop Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies as your disposable apparel supplier in medical, manufacturing, and cleanroom apparel. Keep your work environment stocked with the dependable and affordable disposable apparel. Remember, Harmony is here for you!