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Tattoo Gloves

Tattoo Gloves

Demanding work environments need quality supplies. A thicker glove material increases puncture, chemical, and tear resistance at the cost of tactile sensitivity. Tattoo artists choose nitrile because it is the best latex alternative. Customers love Nitrile Tatoo Gloves. Harmony stocks all sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Whether you need ten cases or ten boxes, Harmony customer support agents are here for you. Call us! We ship gloves from our Garden Grove, California, USA warehouse.

Wholesale Nitrile Tattoo Gloves

A successful tattooing business revolves around great lengths of hygiene and expertise. From using clean needles and sanitizing equipment, a tattoo artist should maintain a high level of cleanliness. Wearing the right choice of gloves is another crucial aspect in the tattooing business.
Since the process exposes the artist to the client’s bodily fluids, one should use high-quality gloves to minimize cross-contamination chances. Latex or nitrile are both suitable for tattooing. Each has its share of benefits and downsides over the other. However, the overwhelming majority of artists and hobbyists love nitrile gloves. 
At Harmony Lab & Safety, when an artist calls us, we always recommend Nitrile Gloves because of their superior puncture resistance, dexterity, and comfort during extended sessions.The industry agrees with us! They recommend nitrile gloves because of their elasticity and efficiency in protecting both the client and the artist.

Wholesale Latex Tattoo Gloves