Critical Environment Swabs

Critical Environment Swabs

    Get Coventry Pillow-Tip Knit Polyester Swab, Nylon Shaft, 25/bag X52121 at Harmony

    Coventry Pillow-Tip Knit Polyester Swab, Nylon Shaft, 25/bag


    Harmony Price: $19.99
      Coventry Pillow-Tip Wrapped Polyester Swab Lint Free and Non-Abrasive Engineered for unique applications requiring a combination of high solvent retention with the cleanliness of Class 10 (ISO Class 4) processed polyester. Seamless design...
    Harmony Price: $19.99

Cleanroom Swabs for Controlled Environments

Contamination-Free Swabs Made for Sensitive and Critical Applications.

You can't take just any kind of swabs into a cleanroom environment. Cleanroom swabs are specifically designed for use in critical environments because they offer residue-free performance, meaning they won't leave behind particulates and other components that could contaminate your cleanroom. Harmony lab & safety supplies specializes in offering high-quality Puritan, Teknipure, and Coventry For a range of different applications, including cleaning sensitive components and those that require static dissipation. The best way to clean in a critical environment.

Like all kinds of swabs, critical environment swabs come in a huge assortment of different styles. Tips are made of cotton, microfiber, knitted polyester and foam to ensure that they work well when cleaning or handling various different materials, including ESD-safe swabs for static sensitive devices. Cleanroom swabs are particularly useful when cleaning small surfaces and nooks in controlled environments, including within health care, diagnostics, fiber optics, electronics, semiconductors and more. Order these specialty swabs in whatever quantity best suits your needs at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies.