Cleanroom Pocket Mop Hardware System

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Cleanroom Flat Mop Hardware

Ergonomic and efficient cleanroom cleaning system!

  • Compact cleanroom mopping system for use with pocket-style flat mop covers.
    • Double-bucket system increases cleaning effectiveness in cleanrooms where space is limited. Stores easily as well.
  • System Includes:
    • polished stainless steel wringer assembly
    • Electropolished stainless steel collapsible swivel mop frame
    • Fiberglass handle
    • 36 liter (white) mop bucket
    • 9 liter (blue) polypropylene waste bucket
    • 3" caster wheels
  • Bucket-in-bucket set can be used as a single or double bucket system
    • 9 liter bucket contains waste water and fits inside the 36 liter bucket that holds your cleaning agent/disinfectants.
  • Swivel mop head frame maneuvers to reach confined areas that string mops cannot.
  • Mop handle with grip can extend to improve working posture, reduce operator fatigue, and increase reach.
  • Fully Autoclavable.
  • Complete cleanroom mopping system means you just need mop covers and you're good to go.

TekniMop Cleanroom Flat Mop Tech Specs Sheet

Suggested applications:

  • Cleanroom, microelectronics, medical, printing, and general maintenance.
  • Cleanroom wall and ceiling washing mop

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Technical Details

Mop Style:
Pocket Mop
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