Chemical Resistant Gloves

Chemical Resistant Gloves

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  • 12" Natural Latex Canners Glove, Unlined, 18 mil, 12/pair (2880SL)

    12" Natural Latex Canners Glove, Unlined, 18 mil, 12/pair

    Liberty Safety

    12" Unlined Natural Latex Coated Work Gloves, 18 mil Excellent dexterity and protection! 18 mil thick rubber latex coated work gloves provide protection and grip throughout the work day.  Embossed grip on palm and fingers for a better grip on...
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Chemical Resistant Gloves

Chemical handing extends beyond chemistry classrooms into industrial operations today. Whether in manufacturing, automotive and electronic production, pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical laboratories, and even in agricultural industries, these chemicals are essential for daily process. But, handling these elements certainly require a great amount of accountability. Why? Because there are certain chemicals that are corrosive or can cause visible destruction or permanent changes in human skin tissue at the site of contact. These substances can cause harm if not handled correctly. Acid proof glove are an easy solution. Harmony has over a decade of experience providing the best chemical resistance gloves; researchers, chemists, controlled environments benefit from our expertise and fast shipping. 

What material has broad Chemical Resistance?

Chemical resistance should be the first priority. Always ensure your glove material matches your application, however, nitrile provides the broadest range of excellent chemical resistance. Consider the gloves’ level of protection when handling corrosive chemicals. The very reason why chemical handlers are required to wear chemical-resistant gloves is to protect them upon contact with the substances. This is why it is essential that you choose the kind of gloves with a high level of protection against chemical contact such as acids. Keeping your hands protected from chemical injuries and irritation means wearing the right glove for the job. We offer chemical resistant gloves that can be used for any work application, from cleanup to directly handling harsh and hazardous liquids. Keep workers’ hands safe while providing dexterity and comfort needed to improve productivity. Nitrile offers broad chemical resistance, always check your chemical with the glove material's compatibility. 

Which are most Comfortable?

This is probably one of the first things that a worker would consider as to whether or not they would wear chemical-resistant gloves. The level of comfort in wearing gloves can really affect how long one can bear to wear it. If the gloves offer poor level of comfort, workers are likely to remove them even if it means working with no protection at all. So make sure you invest in gloves that offer high levels of comfort. Besides, a ‘comfortable’ worker is more productive than one that is not. Many find nitrile or latex gloves to be the most comfortable. Harmony stocks a variety of materials such as neoprene to handle your application and ensure employees remain comfortable throughout a shift. Gloves are only useful if people wear them

What glove is best overall?

Customers love our nitrile or neoprene coated latex gloves. Both offer great tactile feedback and won't interfere with the task at hand. Always ensure that the glove of your choice doesn't affect mobility or tactile sensitivity. The gloves should not interfere with your research objective. Do the gloves hamper mobility? Try a different material that still meets your chemical resistance requirements. The job should be as seamless as if done without the gloves. Higher glove thicknesses lead to a decrease in tactile sensitivity but are safer; its always a trade-off. If you aren't sure, contact us, Harmony has over a decade of experience providing the highest quality gloves shipped fast from the USA.

Chemically-Resistant Applications

When working in an environment where you can be exposed to such hazards as chemical or thermal burns, taking the right measures to protect yourself is vital to your safety. The hands are one of the most susceptible body parts to chemical injuries and irritation, especially when working in the automotive, metal fabrication and scientific research industries. Fortunately, you can shield your hands from injury with the proper chemical-resistant gloves. We offer a quality selection of gloves that can be used for a variety of work applications - from the direct handling of harsh and hazardous liquids to the cleaning up of spilled chemicals. Because different glove materials resist different chemicals, selecting the right pair suited for specific chemical exposure is important. Our selection includes such materials as PVC coated, neoprene coated, nitrile and more. 
When working with light chemicals neoprene coated latex Gloves handle the job perfectly. They are thick enough to keep liquids out and your hands dry. They have an embossed grip on the palm and fingers so you can get adequate grip when handling slippery objects. Looking for something that offers superior puncture and hazard resistance? Our Green Flock Lined Nitrile Gloves resist a wide range of chemical hazards while keeping your hands safe from puncture wounds.One of the main complaints of users of chemical-resistant gloves is that the designs are often stiff and cumbersome. Brands such as Liberty Glove & Safety design gloves that provide the dexterity and comfort you need to effectively get the job done.

Best Acid Proof Gloves

For those searching for exceptional protection without loss of dexterity, give our Neoprene Coated Latex Gloves a try. These extra-thick, 28 mil thick acid-resistant gloves provide a durable barrier from acids, alcohol, caustic petroleum based solvents and ketones. They feature a 13-inch length for greater coverage and maximum skin protection. When working with grease and oil, finding gloves that provide the best grip in wet and slippery conditions is one of the keys to your safety. Sandy Finish PVC Coated Work Gloves have a sand paper finish for a secure grip and are also waterproof and resistant to cuts, abrasions and tears. If you aren't sure, contact us. Harmony provides the highest quality gloves to match our highest quality customer support. Our product specialists are here for you.