Arm Sleeves

Arm Sleeves

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  • Kevlar Sleeve, 18" LIB2818K

    18 in. Kevlar Sleeves, 2 Styles

    Liberty Safety

    $3.99 - $4.19
     18" Kevlar Arm Sleeves Protection from scrapes and cuts! Made from 100% Kevlar fibers. It isn't bulletproof but it does offer cut resistance and protection from minor heat and burns. Double layered Kevlar sleeves are comfortable for all day...
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    $3.99 - $4.19
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    $3.99 - $4.19
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Protective Arm Sleeves

What do protective arm sleeves do?

Arm sleeves are used as a layer of liquid or chemical barrier protection for the forearm. Protective sleeves can be worn over bare skin, over normal clothing or in conjunction with disposable apparel such as coveralls. They are commonly used in applications where dirt and contaminants could compromise the environment and your clothing. Kevlar provides extra protection against abrasions and cuts in a convenient universal size.

According to the National Safety Council, over 5% of workplace injuries involve abrasions, cuts, and punctures to the arms. When working around abrasive material, metal machinery, and exposed wires brushing into these materials with enough force can cause injury. Injuries can be severe in automative manufacturing, metalworking, chemical refinery, and food processing.

Disposable arm sleeves provide light arm protection in lightweight Tyvek 400, polyethylene, polypropylene, or microporous materials. Lightweight polyethylene is useful in food handling and preparation due to its water repellence. Heavier materials found in a Tyvek 400 arm sleeve are suitable for cleanroom and critical environments found in pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing.

How do arm sleeves protect my thin skin from cuts and bruising?

The Mayo Clinic recommends long sleeve shirts or wearing cut resistant arm sleeves that protects your skin while doing gardening or house and yard work. Always consult your doctor for advice if needed as there might be an underlying health condition that has not been addressed. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is no stranger to the hazards facing older adults, and we defer to the expertise of your doctor or health care provider. If you aren't yet using a protective arm sleeve then it is important to use sun protection such as sunscreen, long pants, and a wide-brimmed hat to protect your skin.

If you need cut resistance, cut resistant arm sleeves are breathable, reusable, and durable being able to withstand wash cycles on cold and then tumble dried on low. The breathable fabric provides many benefits for older adults such as an added layer of cut safe protection, a secure wrist and convenient elastic form fitting cuffs, and the sleeves can be worn underneath long sleeve shirts that provide UV protection.

How do arm sleeves protect against burns?

Heat resistant arm sleeves protect yourself from burns and are commonly worn by bakers. Terry Cloth Arm Sleeves start at only $0.99 each and will protect your when brushing up against hot ovens and kitchen surfaces. 

Disposable terry cloth sleeves provide heat and abrasion protection with a reversible, washable design for an even more economical approach. Extra-thick Vinyl protective sleeves are recommended for protecting skin and clothing against fats, oils, chemicals and abrasions. Get even more performance when you choose disposable sleeves made of high-tech Tyvek or Kevlar. Tyvek sleeves provide excellent protection and repellency coupled with all-day comfort, while Kevlar sleeves offer the best protection against heat, burns and cuts.

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies offers arm sleeves in a variety of fabrics such as terry cloth, kevlar, denim, vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, Tyvek, and microporous. Disposable sleeves can be used for lab, food, medical or industrial applications. Not sure what you need? Get in touch with us and we'll be glad to help!

Where can I buy an arm sleeve?

If you need disposable or protective arm protection, you can save money by shopping at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Search for the supplies you need and get fast shipping with an even faster checkout. You'll receive the added protection you need guaranteed. Purchase complementary supplies such as bulk nitrile gloves or other disposable apparel. Contact us today if you need any help. Additional information can be provided upon request.