Company History

Harmony Business Supplies, Inc. - 2006

Harmony began in Garden Grove, CA in 2006 as an expert supplier of swabs, wipes, and cleanroom supplies. Harmony Business Supplies, Inc. was founded by Sean Clough who knew the value of excellent customer service having over a decade of experience at Viking Office Products. At Harmony Business Supplies, Inc. Customer Service Counts!

Response to H1N1 Pandemic - 2009

A company is linked to its community. After moving offices into a larger warehouse in 2008, the swine flu epidemic hit. Harmony saw a surge in resellers for sanitizing products like Purell. As new competitors sprung up overnight, Harmony stayed steadfast and kept prices reasonable. After a request of supplies from local schools, hospitals, Harmony donated sanitizer gels to schools and hospitals. Teachers, nurses, and civil servants should never be put at risk. For Harmony, the value of a company is in its supporting the long-term well being of its community.

Response to Coronavirus Pandemic - 2020

In 2020, with our unique position and history, Harmony again saw amoral pricing on in-demand Covid-19 related products: nitrile gloves and n95 respirators were being bought and resold from shady resellers looking to make a quick profit at the expense of the health and wellness of our community. It's no surprise that the Federal Government continues to crack-down on fraudulent products and price-gouging companies. It pays to purchase from authorized vendors with a history of supporting their local community.

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies acts in the interest of the long-term well being of our stakeholders. Harmony continues to provide quality products at reasonable prices, and donate supplies to hospitals and schools that need them most. Unfortunately, Harmony expects supply constraints to continue through 2022 and the National Institute of Health agrees.

The NIH reports the United State's PPE supply issues are exacerbated by the domestic dependence on international manufacturers. In fact, the United States is the largest importer of face masks and other PPE. Harmony supports domestic enterprise by offering Made in USA products. A strong domestic manufacturing sector supports and protects healthcare workers. Harmony prioritizes USA manufacturing and industry.

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies Trademarked - 2021

After over a decade in business, Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies emerged as a more accurate, defining brand for Harmony. With a line-up of Cleanroom, Static Control Wipes and Swabs, Reusable Respirators, Coveralls and more, Harmony lives up to its name as a Lab & Safety supplier.

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies continues to supply Covid-19 related pandemic products at a reasonable prices with fast turnaround times. All the while, we continue to grow our catalog of safety products and swabs to meet growing demands. Our team is dedicated to provide value to our customers with consistency you can rely on.

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